My name is Dan Blandford, and this is my Web Page.

At this point in any normal document, I would be writing some sort of Statement of Purpose. Something like, "This document discusses the conjugate interconnections of the Seldon homomorphism as applied to quasidimensional representations of the unit-time posterior logistics problem." Or, "Hey, Bob, do you know the URL of the 2357 assignment? I kinda overslept again and missed the first half of class." Or even, "SUBMIT. YOUR WILL IS MINE. SUBMIT. SUBMIT!"

That's not going to work here, though. The problem is, like most webpages, this webpage doesn't really HAVE a purpose. Some people host message boards or fan sites or stuff on their websites, which would sorta give them a reason for existing if there weren't 200 other people doing the exact same thing, but me, no, I'm just a CS major. If you're a CS major, you have to have a webpage. So, this is my webpage.

You will probably have noticed the complete lack of graphics or images on this page. I would love to claim that this was because I was in some way above the need for pictorial representations of concepts, but it turns out that it's just because I'm too lazy. Also I'm writing this in a text window, so I wouldn't really get the benefit of it anyway. Tell you what, though. Try this link: graphics. Open that up in a separate window and browse it while you're reading this; the selection is better, so it's less work for both of us.

So, what is a web page good for? It's good for putting stuff on. Not useful stuff, mind; that's difficult at best, and requires work to keep it current and interesting. But stuff nonetheless. So, without further ado, here is some stuff:

Way-back-when, before I even declared my CS major, this page was originally created so that you, the Random Internet Surfer, would have some way to download my assorted creative works, which I would be creating during Creative Writing Class. I created several Finished Works, ie, things that had a beginning, a middle, and an end, as opposed to being ravings about how hard it was to think of anything to write. However, most of them were Not Funny, and thus have since been removed from this page. The two that remain are called:

Sometime after that, I moved on to college. I took an excellent CS101 class which featured a programming contest at the end of the semester. The goal was to make the most imaginative Space Invaders clone... My project won second that year despite its total lack of graphics. Here, try it out.

As you've probably noticed, I have something of an aversion to graphics. I did, in fact, take a course in graphics at one point. My final project was to create "something pretty", and I was happy enough with the result that I've put it on the web for people to see. It needs OpenGL to compile and run. It's here.

What else is there?...

Sometimes I run Paranoia games. Paranoia is a role-playing game in which... well, the information is in this directory.
If this looks interesting and you'd like to play sometime, Email me. New players are welcome.

I've also spent some time playing with other game systems. I play D&D, for example - this directory contains a bunch of random stuff related to various games I have played in. I also spent some time creating a game system of my own (visible here), until I realized that not only had a lot of other people done the same thing, but many of them were better at it than I am.

I watch anime on occasion. The link is to a description of various series I have seen and what I have thought of them. If we all restricted ourselves to putting only useful things on the Web, the Internet would be a much, much smaller place.

This is a copy of my Netscape bookmarks. Mostly for when I'm away from my office computer. But it also makes a nice plug for the various pages I think are interesting.

...And, as a famous person once said, that's it. I'm going back to bed.