Brief Bio

I am currently a postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University working with Prof. Pradeep Ravikumar. Previously, I completed my Computer Science PhD at University of Texas at Austin in May 2017 advised by Prof. Inderjit Dhillon and Prof. Pradeep Ravikumar (now at CMU), who were directors of the Center for Big Data Analytics. My dissertation title was “Appropriate, Accessible, and Appealing Probabilistic Graphical Models.” I obtained my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in Computer Science, and in my senior year, I was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP), which supported me for the first three years of my PhD.
I am currently on the academic job market this year.

Research Interests

Shallow learning is deeply understood.
Deep learning is only “shallowly” understood.
I aim to make deep learning deeply understood.
My specific research interests include:

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