Useful Links

Caltech Seminar Schedules (and other resources):
IST Seminars page
CS Department Seminars page
Rigorous Systems Research Group Seminar
Humanities and Social Sciences Seminars
Carnegie Mellon Seminar Schedules (and other resources):
Algorithms and Complexity at CMU page.
Computer Science related links:
Approximate due dates for some conferences
theoretical CS stack-exchange
ACM Digital Library (Subscription required)
Citeseer Paper Repository
Compendium of NP-hard Problems
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Some Summaries of CS Papers, Books, etc
The DBLP -- CS Bibliography. Find authors, papers, references, etc
The CSB -- another CS Bibliography
Mathematics related links:
American Mathematical Society
MathSciNet -- articles, e-journals, and a lot more
Math World -- a huge online encyclopedia
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Putnam Competition Archive -- mathematical puzzles to challenge any prodigy