15-849 Syllabus: Networking in Challenging Environments


There are no required textbooks for the course. If you don't feel like you're up on the background for the course, a few texts you might want to use are:

Some good references for the programming and protocols side of things are:

Finally, if you're not already familiar with them, this course would be a grand time to start familiarizing yourself with Subversion or CVS and with LaTeX.


This class is appropriate for first-year graduate students with a strong background in networks, or for students who have taken the graduate networking class or equivalent. We will assume familiarity with the general operation of routing protocols, TCP, and application protocols such as HTTP.


Grading will be based on participation, paper presentations, and a semester-long project.

  • 30% discussion leading (3 x 10%).
  • 10% participation / attendance
  • 60% project


Also available as an ical file that you can subscribe to.

Papers will not be handed out in class. Please print the readings and read them before class. After the first week, we will have signups for students to present the papers.

Date Instructor Topics Notes Readings
Mon 09/12 DGA Introduction: Internet Architecture, Scenarios
[pdf] [ps] [ppt]
Please read these papers before class. saltzer-e2e clark88design
Wed 09/14 DGA 802.11
[pdf] [ps] [ppt]
See Stalings ch14 for more details.
Bg: How WiFi Works. GameSpy 802.11 Primer.
Fundamentals of Wireless from Randy Katz's 1996 course.
This class may spill over.
macaw bhagwat-hotnets2003
Mon 09/19 danwent svp Ad Hoc and Community Wireless 1
1st round presentation sign-ups due roofnet-mobicom2005 vandrunen-freenix2003
Wed 09/21 runting, asangpet Sensor Networks Scenarios
gdi-ewsn04 zebranet-mobisys04
Mon 09/26 Austin Mckinley, Amit Malani TCP over Wireless
balakrishnan-wireless1997 eddy-tcploss
Wed 09/28 Vitaliy Gleyzer, Shravan Rayanchu Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
royer-adhoc1999 karp-gpsr2000
Mon 10/03 Abhijit Deshmukh, Sai Vinyak Ad Hoc 2
decouto-etx2003 draves-sigcomm2004
Wed 10/05 james.hendricks mdunlop Mobility and IP
snoeren-e2emobility ieee-mobileip98
Mon 10/10 Shishir Moudgal, Akshay Kawale Mobility 2
Project proposals due maltz-msocks1998 zhuang-mobility2003
Wed 10/12 DGA Store and Forward 1: FidoNet and UUCP
Store and Forward Intro
Pathalias UUCP paper (read for UUCP info, skim details of mapping).
Wikipedia FidoNet Article, A FidoNet Primer.
Further reading: FidoNet Technical Standard Rev16.
Mon 10/17 Rahul Mangharam Store and Forward 2: The Modern Days
Project reviews due jain-dtn2004 nain-wiopt03
Wed 10/19 Akshay Kawale, Shishir Moudgal Disconnected Operation: filesystems
Suggested background for speculator: bluefs
kistler-coda1992 speculator-sosp2005
Mon 10/24 Srini Seshan
Students: Rahul, Akkarit Sangpetch
Sensor Networks: Solutions
dga out of town this week. diffusion2000 madden-osdi2002 ght-wsna2002
Wed 10/26 Peter Steenkiste, guest lecturer.
Students: Austin McKinley, Runting Shi
Multiple Radios / Antennas
Lecture background: MIMO miu-mobicom2005 biswas-exor2005
Mon 10/31 amit jvh Internet Availability
ron-sosp2001 gummadi-sosr2004
Wed 11/02 danwent svp Multihoming
akella-sigcomm2004 monet-nsdi2005
Mon 11/07 DGA Project Progress Reviews
Mid-semester project status presentations. 8 minutes per group. See project logistics for details.
Wed 11/09 Ginger Perng Peer to Peer
This lecture assumes some basic familiarity with DHTs. Background would include the original Chord paper (from the project iris web site). gummadi-sigcomm2003 li-infocom2005
Mon 11/14 Ginger Perng, Matt Dunlop Availability: Denial of Service 1
staniford-usenixsec2002 Singh-osdi2004
Wed 11/16 Sharan R., Vitaliy G. Availability: Denial of Service 2
Snoeren-traceback02 Yang-sigcomm2005
Mon 11/21 Sai Vinyak, Abhijit Deshmukh Best of HotNets 2005
ballani-hotnets2005 handley-hotnets2005 agarwal-hotnets2005
Wed 11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday
Gobble gobble
Mon 11/28 Rahul Mangharam Local research: Car networking @ CMU
Wed 11/30 DGA Energy
flinn-sosp1999 krashinsky-mobicom2002
Mon 12/05 class Project presentations.
Wed 12/07 class Last day of class. Project presentations.
Mon 12/12 n/a Project writeups due by 3pm in Dave's admin's office (Wean 8018)