I am a software engineer on the Tools and Simulation team at Pixar. I completed my PhD in 2021 at CMU's Computer Science Department, with Keenan Crane as my advisor.

Before coming to CMU, I did my undergraduate studies at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where I majored in computer science with a minor in mathematics. There, I was fortunate to be able to work with Nate Foster and Bobby Kleinberg.


Telescoping StructuresComputational Design of Telescoping Structures
Christopher Yu, Keenan Crane, Stelian Coros
Telescoping Structures Repulsive Curves
Christopher Yu, Henrik Schumacher, Keenan Crane
Transactions on Graphics 2020
Telescoping Structures Repulsive Surfaces
Christopher Yu, Caleb Brakensiek, Henrik Schumacher, Keenan Crane
SIGGRAPH Asia 2021

Past work

These publications emerged in part from my undergraduate research work on algorithms for traffic routing and congestion minimization in computer networks.

Telescoping Structures Semi-Oblivious Traffic Engineering: The Road Not Taken
P. Kumar, Y. Yuan, C. Yu, N. Foster, R. Kleinberg, P. Lapukhov, C. Lin Lim, R. Soulé
NSDI 2018
Telescoping Structures YATES: Rapid Prototyping for Traffic Engineering Systems
Praveen Kumar, Chris Yu, Yang Yuan, Nate Foster, Robert Kleinberg, Robert Soulé
SOSR 2018


I like to draw.

During undergrad, I learned some things about computer music, and I made a few compositions. Another time, some friends and I made a game with some graphics stuff in it.