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Several recent talks

Here is the un-sorted list (apologies for the lack of order...)
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Distinguished Lectures

  1. Univ. of Alberta, Canada, March 19, 2001:  " Searching and Data Mining in Multimedia Databases
  2. Univ. of Southern California (USC), Sept. 21, 2001: "Searching and Data Mining in Multimedia Databases"
  3. HeCSE (Helsinki Graduate School of  Computer Science and Engineering) Aug. 2004: " Discovering Patterns in Streams and Graphs"
  4. Univ. of  Illinois Urbana-Champain, Oct 4, 2004:  "Advanced Data Mining Tools: Fractals and Power Laws for Graphs, Streams and Traditional Data" ( Video of the lecture)
  5. Boston University, Jan. 2005: "Data Mining using Fractals and Power Laws".
  6. Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Feb. 2005, "Data Mining Using Fractals and Power Laws"
  7. Wright State University, March 2005 "Data Mining Using Fractals and Power Laws"
  8. Michigan State University, Oct. 2005, "Data Mining Using Fractals and Power Laws"
  9. Lehigh University, Nov. 2005,  "Data Mining Using Fractals and Power Laws"
  10. UC Irvine, Aug. 2007 Graph Mining: Laws, Generators and Tools "
  11. Univ. Minnesota, Cray Distinguished Lecture Series, Oct. 1, 2012 Mining Billion Node Graphs - Patterns and Algorithms
  12. Yahoo! Big Thinker speaker series (June 2013) Large Graph Mining
  13. Univ. of Toronto, Distinguished Lecture Series (Anniversary Edition), Nov. 4, 2014 Mining Large Graphs
  14. Univ. of Illinois, Chicago, Distinguished Lecture Series, April 16, 2015, Mining Large Graphs
  15. Univ. of Southern California, Distinguished Lecture Series, April 24, 2015, Mining Large Graphs: Patterns, Cascades, Fraud Detection, and Algorithms
  16. Arizona State University, Distinguished Guest Lecture Series, Nov. 6, 2015, Mining Large Graphs: Patterns, Anomalies, and Fraud Detection.
  17. York University Distinguished Guest Lecture Series, February, 2016, Mining Large Graphs: Patterns, Anomalies, and Fraud Detection.
  18. George Mason University Distinguished Lecture Series, March 25, 2016, Mining Large Graphs: Patterns, Anomalies and Fraud Detection.

Recent Tutorials

  1.   Next Generation Data Mining Tools 
  2.  Data Mining the Internet (w/ Michalis Faloutsos)
  3.  Stream and Sensor Data Mining
  4.  Graph Structures in Data Mining (with Soumen Chakrabarti.)
  5. Research Issues in Protein Location Image Databases (with Bob Murphy)
  6. Sensor Mining at Work: Principles and a Water Quality Case-Study (with Jeanne VanBriesen)
  7. Mining Large Time-evolving Data Using Matrix and Tensor Tools (with Tamara G. Kolda and Jimeng Sun)
  8. Large graph mining: patterns, tools and case studies (with Hanghang Tong)
  9. Large Graph-Mining: Power Tools and a Practitioner's Guide with Gary Miller and Charalampos (Babis) Tsourakakis (KDD 2009, Paris, France).
  10. Mining and Forecasting of Big Time-series Data with Prof. Yasushi Sakurai and Prof. Yasuko Matsubara, SIGMOD 2015, Melbourne, Australia, June 2015. (see Yasuko's site, for most updated version )

Keynote Lectures

Other, selected talks

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