Mining Billion Node Graphs - Patterns and Algorithms
Christos Faloutsos
Cray Distinguished Lecture Series, U. Minnesota


How do graphs look like? How do they evolve over time? How do rumors and viruses propagate on real graphs? We review some static and temporal 'laws', fast algorithms to spot deviations and outliers, and recent developments on virus propagation and immunization.




Christos Faloutsos is a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He received the Research Contributions Award in ICDM 2006, the SIGKDD Innovations Award (2010), eighteen ``best paper'' awards (including two ``test of time'' awards), and four teaching awards. He is an ACM Fellow, he has published over 200 refereed articles, 11 book chapters and one monograph. He holds six patents and he has given over 30 tutorials and over 10 invited distinguished lectures. His research interests include data mining for graphs and streams, fractals, database performance, and indexing for multimedia and bio-informatics data.