Center for the Foundations of Robotics provides a forum where we can discuss some of the more fundamental aspects of our basic research in robotics. This includes planning, control, vision, learning, etc. The goal of the center is to  facilitate communication and further encourage fundamental research in the Institute, as well as enhance our external reputation for theoretical contributions.
The Center has Foundations Seminars Tuesdays at 4:30pm in NSH 3305 where talks can be:
  • Geared by grand ideas
  • Well-thought out theoretical nuggets where the speaker and audience interact to understand all of the details and implications of the presentation; this has been the style of the previous CFR talks.
  • Tutorials on fundamental topics of interest to the community at large.
  • Half-baked ideas where the speaker proposes an idea with the understanding that only some of the details are thought out and the group has some fun with it. For these talks, we will serve half-baked goods.
Foundations Lunch is an informal, lunch-time discussion forum that aims to promote reading, research discourse and effective presentation skills among the students and the rest of the RI community. The Lunch functions as both:
  • Reading group that welcomes presentations on established and fresh-off-the-press results,
  • Friendly atmosphere to discuss new research directions.
The meetings are every other Thursday at 12:30pm, in NSH 4113.