This page shows a couple examples of my photography over the years. I started with a simple digital camera where I would chose the image size based on how to fill my 16MB memory card. Eventually I switch from point-and-shoot to SLRs. As a challenge, I started by taking the first 1000 photos on manual, even manual focus. They were horrible, but that gave good confidence for future endevaours.

Most of my photos are from the mountains, as I have spent a significant amount of time hiking and climbing. And always making sure to carry my camera with me.

Once when walking across campus, I thought the lighting looked right.

When I say that I climb mountains, this really is what I do:

Leaving Patriot's Point Park in Charleston, SC, the sun was setting almost right, so I carefully balanced to align the sun to luminate the flag with the USS Yorktown in the background.

It took me 5 days of backpacking to finally set down my pack and say, "I'll go see what is on the other side of this rise."
"Fisheye" collection
The following photos are all taken using a Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 lens.
Taken below the iconic Epcot ball, see if you can find me with my Reds cap on.
At Kennedy Space Center, the Space Shuttle Atlantis hangs high in the chamber.
The St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic was well illuminated by the sunlight streaming through the windows. I stacked three exposures to better capture the dynamic range of the scene.
"Mirror Lens" Collection
This photo is taken with a 500mm mirror lens, which is a poor man's telephoto. And yes, this is a real aligator in the wild.
A P-51 Mustang taking off from Lunken Airport.
The diamond ring effect just as the Total Eclipse of August 21, 2017 ended.
All photos copyright Brian Railing.