wedding photos (Pictage)
photos taken by guests (Snapfish)
slideshow we displayed at our wedding (local)

My wife, Sarah, is famous.
My Mom wrote a book on quilting called Endless Stars.
Tom 7 designs fonts and wrote several cool games, like Escape.
Mark Albert and Brendan McMahan have cool photos.
Chris Twigg makes his photos from scratch.
Ryan Kelly has strong opinions on 80s sax solos.
Tom Stepleton has a compelling essay on the robotic applications of dogs.
Heather's website has a nice use of plants.
Amit Manjhi has a pretty standard website.
Other people have good websites, too.

Cool Flash & Animation
The nice thing about flash is that it's a fairly new medium, so there's a lot of experimenting,
Also its pretty easy, so people are willing to generate large amounts of it.
Often used for eyecatching resumes or viral advertisements, other people generate flash just for fun. Here's some good ones:
Amy Winfrey stuff: Making Fiends, MuffinFilms, and Big Bunny
Homestar Runner is everywhere. You've already heard of that.
Here's an octopus that gives helpful cooking advice.
Some Rathergood stuff is cool, like the zoology dragon, and those quiznos guys.
It's also easy to find some nicely done animation online.
There's also a lot of smart games out there, like the grow series.

Escape levels
Listing my good ones here will make it easier for me to check to see
if anyone's played them recently.
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