Nathan Beckmann

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
9021 Gates-Hillman Center
Curriculum Vitae


I am the proud parent of Pembroke Welsh Corgis named Arya and Baphomet. They are "fluffy" corgis (aka long-haired), which is uncommon for the breed.


I play guitar, banjo, and sing. I enjoy listening to a large variety of music, mostly progressive of various styles (rock, metal, electronica). But I also enjoy acoustic alternative, country, and bluegrass because of the instruments I play.


I spend a large amount of my free time reading. My (very out-of-date) reading list is here.

Arts 'n' Crafts

I enjoy oil painting, miniature painting, and wood engraving. Mostly of corgis.

Strength Training

I used to compete in local powerlifting meets. Since late 2009 I have been on hiatus, but I still do powerlifting-style training. For about one month I held the USPF California Junior (up to 23 yo) deadlift record in the 198 lb class at 569 lbs. My best meet total is 1295 lbs in the 220 weight class.


I'm an avid gamer. For a time I was very into MMORPGs as the main tank and officer of my guild. Since that kind of schedule can't be maintained while getting research done, I've moved on to other games. These days, I mostly play modern board games (think Catan, not Monopoly). You can find my collection here.

I posted an analysis of different competitive tournaments in Starcraft II on the most popular community site. This was my first foray into Go. I wrote a simple combat parser for Rift. This was my first project in Scala.