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Please measure the width and height of your screen using a ruler so we can accurately scale the test.

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Press the button to begin the test. You're goal is to tap the blue ribbons as QUICKLY and as ACCURATELY as possible. Please be sure not to change the orientation of the device or resize the window. For consistency, be sure to interact the same way throughout the test. It will start with 3 rounds of practice. If you are using a mobile device, please CLOSE THE KEYBOARD before you press start.

Here are the results of your Fitts' law tests.

Each test had two variables: the width of the ribbons and the space between the ribbons. For instance, 0.5cm_X_2cm would mean that the ribbons were 0.5cm wide, and 2cm apart. Each 'condition' was repeated 20 times in random order. All times are in milliseconds.

Below is a CSV-encoded copy of your results. You can select the text and then paste it into a text file or email. If you save the text in a file called 'results.csv', then you can load it up in Excel, Google Docs, or other spreadsheet programs.

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