05-830, User Interface Software, Spring, 1999

Homework 4,   Start: February 22, 1999
Due: Wed, March 10

Homework 5,   Start: March 10, 1999
Due: Mon, April 5

Homework 6,   Start: April 5, 1999
Due: Mon, April 26

Homework 4, 5, 6

Implement a Benchmark Task
Using Different Tools

Choose a Benchmark

Choose one of the benchmarks in the table.

Choose a Tool to Implement the Benchmark

For Homeworks 4 and 5 you can use any tool you want that is a "full-featured" tool for building "real" user interfaces.  Some possible choices are:

Most of these are available on the various cluster machines.

For Homework 6, you should use the Amulet toolkit.

Implement the Benchmark Task using the Tool

The contents of your report should cover the sames kinds of information as last time.  The following repeats the instructions from Homework 3.

There are many things you will need to keep track of while you are learning the tool and while implementing the benchmark. Be sure to read over the questions listed below that you will need to answer in your report to see what you need to pay attention to!  In particular, be sure to keep track of:

Note that it may be impossible or very difficult to implement the entire benchmark in the tool.  In this case, don't.  You are only supposed to spend about 25 hours trying to do this assignment.  Be sure to discuss this in your report.

Write a report about the implementation experience

Your report should preferably be in html of if not, in plaintext, because we will make all the information available to the whole class.   You must include some screen shots of your program, preferably in gif format, but any other format will be fine.  Please turn in hardcopy (printout) of all the following:

You should also place all of these on /afs/  or on the WWW and tell me the address, or else turn in a floppy containing all of these and put on the floppy your name and whether it is in PC or Mac format.

Be sure your report includes the information listed on the benchmark questions page.

For the Final Paper (the fourth implementation; Homework 6), please also add a discussion comparing and contrasting the various toolkits that you used, including the good and bad features of each tool.  Is it possible to make a tool that includes all the good features?  How?

Prepare an Oral Presentation to give in class on the assigned day

You should prepare a 5 minute presentation discussing the benchmark and the tool you used.  Be sure to make overheads, including screen shots.  Include a summary of your times and code size in the report.

Each homework is worth 14% of your grade in the course.

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