05-830, User Interface Software, Spring, 1999
Homework 3,   Issued: February 8, 1999
Due: Mon, February 22  **Note: Revised due date**

Homework 3

Implement a Benchmark Task
Using a Prototyping Tool

Choose a Benchmark

If you decide to implement your own benchmark, be sure to get me a description in HTML format.  Please fix up the descriptions based on my comments first.  If there are pictures in your description, please put them in a place where I can get them (e.g., on /afs) and send me the full path name.  All the benchmarks will be made available off the course's main page.

Benchmarks available so far are available on Another Page.

Choose a Prototyping Tool to Implement the Benchmark

As discussed in class, a "prototyping tool" is one that is designed to quickly create applications without programming in a conventional language.  Prototyping tools might have scripting languages that are interpreted (e.g., Lingo for Director and Visual Basic), but they do not produce "real" C or C++ code. Examples of prototyping tools I am familiar with are:

All of these are available on the various cluster machines.  If you would like to use a different tool, feel free to discuss it with the professor.

Implement the Benchmark Task using the Tool

There are many things you will need to keep track of while you are learning the tool and while implementing the benchmark. Be sure to read over the questions listed below that you will need to answer in your report to see what you need to pay attention to!  In particular, be sure to keep track of:

Note that it may be impossible or very difficult to implement the entire benchmark in the prototyping tool.  In this case, don't.  It is acceptable if the implementation only gives a flavor for how the benchmark will work, which is what prototyping is usually for, after all.  Be sure to discuss this in your report.  However, if it is reasonable to implement the entire benchmark with the prototyping tool, then please do so.

Write a report about the implementation experience

Your report should preferably be in html of if not, in plaintext, because we will make all the information available to the whole class.  You must include some screen shots of your program, preferably in gif format.  Please turn in hardcopy (printout) of all the following:

You should also place all of these on /afs/  or on the WWW and tell me the address, or else turn in a floppy containing all of these and put on the floppy your name and whether it is in PC or Mac format.

Be sure your report includes the information listed on the benchmark questions page, reproduced below:

The questions are:

Prepare an Oral Presentation to give in class on Mon, February 22  **Note: Revised due date**

You should prepare a 5 minute presentation discussing the benchmark and the tool you used.

This homework is worth 14% of your grade in the course.  It is due Mon, February 22

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