05-830, User Interface Software, Spring, 1998
Final Questionnaire
April 29, 1998

Questions on UI Software Course

To be filled out in class on April 29


1. Are there any topics we didn't cover that should be added next time the course is taught?

2. Are there any topics that we covered that you would eliminate or spend less time on next time?

3. Are they any topics we should spend more time on next time?


4. Please rate the lectures: (Circle appropriate number)

Material Covered Too Fast  -3  -2  -1  0  1  2  3  Too Slow

Boring 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Interesting

5. Did you like the lecture style of mainly using notes, and having them available on the world-wide-web before classes?

6. Any constructive suggestions for improving the lectures?


7. What did you think about implementing a benchmark multiple times? Should we use that style again?

8. Was it too hard to implement the benchmark so many times? Should we reduce it to three times instead of four?

9. What do you think about requiring the use of Amulet as the last implementation?

10. Are there any tools we should encourage the students to use or discourage the students from using?


11. Please rate the textbook (Nielsen): (Circle appropriate number)

Boring   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  Interesting

Useless 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Useful

12. How many of the required readings did you read?

     All       Some      One       None

13. How many of the optional readings did you read?

     All       Some      One       None

14. Instead of the handout readings, we could have had another textbook. Would this have been better?

15. Did you like receiving the optional readings?  Should just the required readings be handed out?

16. Any comments on the text or readings?

17. This is a 12 unit course, with 3 hours of lectures, so you should be spending about 9 hours a week on homeworks and readings. Averaged over the term, does this sound about right? If not, what should be made longer or shorter?


18. This course contained undergraduates, MS students and PhD students. I would appreciate any recommendations about how to make it appropriate for each group. Do you feel that it was appropriate for people at your level? If not, which level, and why not? Please recommend how it could be changed to be more appropriate.

19. Do you think this course should be offered again? Would you recommend that your friends take it? If not, what would you change?

20. Was this course what you were expecting? If not, please explain.

21. What did you like best about the course? What did you like the least?

22. Any other suggestions or comments?

Thank you very much for helping me improve this course! 

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