05-440 / 05-640  Interaction Techniques (IxT)

Intended for Undergraduates, Masters and PhD students!

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Instructor: Brad Myers

This course has been offered four times. Please see one of these for full information:

IxT Inventors

Inventors we have interviewed for these courses include the following (alphabetical order) - see the individual schedules for links to their videos:

  1. Bill Atkinson - Apple marching ants, menu bar, selection lasso, fatBits, MacPaint, HyperCard
  2. Loren Brichter – pull to refresh
  3. Dan Bricklin - spreadsheets and "Bricklin's Demo"
  4. Bill Buxton - two-handed interaction, gestures
  5. Norm Cox – icons and other graphic design for Xerox Star, including "hamburger icon"
  6. Rob Haitani - Palm Pilot original UI
  7. Chris Harrison – future interactions
  8. Don Hopkins - pie menus
  9. Bruce Horn – original Macintosh features
  10. May-Li Khoe – Apple Force Touch, 3D Touch, and Taptic Engine technology (sorry, no video)
  11. Julia Schwarz – interaction techniques for augemented reality in the Microsoft HoloLens 2
  12. Ted Selker – IBM pointing stick
  13. David Canfield Smith – desktop metaphor, icons
  14. Larry Tesler – copy and paste, user-centered design
  15. Tandy Trower - Microsoft product manager for original windows, Taskbar
  16. Gregg Vanderheiden - assistive interactions
  17. Jake Wobbrock – new text entry speed measurements
  18. Shumin Zhai - mobile text entry and Google Pixel phone squeeze