16-764 Finding Opportunities for Technology

Spring 2017

When: Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:50
Where: Newell-Simon Hall 3002 (across from the Roboceptionist)
Instructor: Aaron Steinfeld, steinfeld@cmu.edu

This project-centered course focuses on identifying value opportunities for the technology of your choice. Many computer scientists are experts on specific technologies (e.g., computer vision, language technologies, etc) but need help identifying how and where to apply their technology. This course will help students learn skills and methods for this step. In addition to class lectures, students will conduct fieldwork, passive and active observation, secondary analyses, and other approaches. This class will help students find opportunities as informed by the practices, preferences, and needs of end users, the surrounding environment, and the associated societal factors that will affect technology success. Students will work in teams to document and analyze actual contexts in the local area, and will complete a term project to characterize opportunities within a specific domain for their desired technology.

Class topics and activities include:

Other details: