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Ashutosh Pandey

@ Carnegie Mellon

ashutosp at cs dot cmu dot edu
Office: Wean Hall 4130
Phone: (412) 268-2491

Ashutosh Pandey

Ph.D. Student in Software Engineering

Wean Hall 4130

Institute for Software Research

School of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University

About Me

I am Ashutosh Pandey, a PhD student in Software Engineering at the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor is Prof. David Garlan.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in improving the design of software systems. My research interest lies in the intersection of software architecture, formal models, model-based software development, model checking and artificial intelligence. Currently, in my Ph.D., I am exploring the application of software architecture principles in the creation of intelligent software systems. In particular, I am exploring the incorporation of artificial intelligence technologies - specifically AI planning and machine learning techniques - to improve run-time decision making in software systems that seek to self-adapt their behavior in response to faults, changing environments and attacks. I am an active member of ABLE group.

Industry Experience

After recieving degree in Computer Science and Engineering, I worked in industry for 8 years before I joined CMU as a Ph.D. student. While in industry, most of the time I worked as an R&D engineer with Mentor Graphics, which operates in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) domain. In addition, as a Ph.D. student, I did summer internships with BOSCH, The Auton Lab, and Synopsys Inc. For further details, see the CV.

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