Lexical Semantics Resources for English

This page provides resources for computational analysis of English lexical semantics, including These were developed by Nathan Schneider, Noah Smith, and others primarily at Carnegie Mellon University.


Old Releases

Further Reading

The multiword expression annotations are described in: The original MWE identification system is described in: The noun+verb supersense annotations and the combined MWE+supersense tagger are described in: The preposition supersense annotation scheme and corpus for STREUSLE 3.0 are respectively described in the following (but note that the preposition annotation scheme has changed effective STREUSLE 4.0): The DiMSUM 2016 shared task, which extended the STREUSLE 2.1 annotations to additional domains, is described in: Additional details may be found in Nathan Schneider's dissertation (2014).


This research was supported in part by NSF CAREER grant IIS-1054319, Google through the Reading is Believing project at CMU, and DARPA grant FA8750-12-2-0342 funded under the DEFT program. We are grateful to Google and LDC for permission to redistribute their data along with our annotations.


Please e-mail nathan.schneider [strudel] georgetown.edu with questions.