Supersense Tag Examples

O natural object
natural feature or nonliving object in nature barrier_reef nest neutron_star planet fishpond metamorphic_rock Mediterranean stepping_stone sky boulder Orion ember cave universe
A artifact
man-made structures and objects restaurant concert_hall bridge bedroom stage cabinet lawnmower suction_pump antidote aspirin penicillin
L location
any name of a geopolitical entity, as well as other nouns functioning as locations or regions Cote_d'Ivoire New_York_City downtown stage_left India Newark interior airspace
+ shape
two and three dimensional shapes hexahedron dip convex_shape sine_curve groove lower_bound perimeter
D food
things used as food or drink Swiss_cheese rutabaga eggnog cranberry_sauce Guinness shrimp_cocktail
B body
human body parts, excluding diseases and their symptoms front_tooth prostate_gland connective_tissue somatic_cell gland femur ligament fingernail nervous_system insulin gene hairstyle
Y plant
a plant or fungus acorn_squash Honduras_mahogany genus_Lepidobotrys Canada_violet
P person
people—humans or personified beings; names of social groups (ethnic, political, etc.) that can refer to an individual in the singular Persian_deity mother kibbutznik firstborn worshiper Roosevelt consumer guardsman glasscutter appellant Arab Muslim American communist
G group
groupings of people or objects, including: organizations/institutions; social movements referring to the set of followers collection flock army meeting population polytechnic_institute health_profession clergy Mennonite_Church trumpet_section peasantry People's_Party U.S._State_Department University_of_California service_agency consulting_firm communism Islam (= set of Muslims)
N animal
non-human, non-plant life cuckoo whistling_swan coelenterate_genus African_chameleon pearl_oyster tapeworm carrier_pigeon Mycrosporidia medicinal_leech virus tentacle egg
$ substance
a material or substance krypton liquid_nitrogen mocha atom hydrochloric_acid aluminum steel (= metal alloy) sand cardboard DNA
H possession
term for an entity involved in ownership or payment birthday_present pittance tax_shelter list_price money coin loan debt (= amount owed)
T time
a temporal point, period, amount, or measurement 10_seconds day 2nd_millenium_BC 2011 (= year) velocity frequency runtime latency/delay Eastern_Time middle_age half_life August basketball_season words_per_minute leap_year curfew industrial_revolution instant/moment
= relation
relations between entities or quantities, including ordinal numbers not used as fractions fortieth complementarity reverse personal_relation unconnectedness angular_position scale ratio quotient exponential_function transitivity
Q quantity
quantities and units of measure, including cardinal numbers and fractional amounts 7_centimeters 1.8_million 12_percent/12% volume (= spatial extent) volt real_number square_root decimal digit 180_degrees handful ounce half
F feeling
subjective emotions indifference wonder murderousness grudge discontentment desperation astonishment suffering boredom dislike
M motive
an abstract external force that causes someone to intend to do something reason incentive conscience compulsion mania urge
C communication
information encoding and transmission, not in the sense of a physical object grave_accent Book_of_Common_Prayer proposal Cree_language onomatopoeia reference concert hotel_bill lies broadcast contract alphabet equation denial discussion sarcasm concerto television_program software
^ cognition
aspects of mind/thought/knowledge/belief/perception; techniques and abilities; fields of academic study; social or philosophical movements referring to the system of beliefs Platonism biomedical_science necromancy democracy hierarchical_structure visual_image design vocational_program woodcraft hypothesis reference scientific_method innovativeness Islam (= Islamic belief system) dream consciousness puzzlement skepticism reasoning logic intuition inspiration muscle_memory skill aptitude/talent method visual_perception/sight sense_of_touch awareness
S state
stable states of affairs; diseases and their symptoms symptom reprieve potency comity altitude_sickness high_blood_pressure bankruptcy poverty infamy opulence hunger opportunity darkness (= lack of light) tumor fever measles
@ attribute
characteristics of people/objects that can be judged admissibility gregariousness naughtiness buxomness inconclusiveness immateriality honesty resilience coincidence sophistication valence virtue simplicity temperature (= degree of hotness) darkness (= dark coloring)
! act
things people do or cause to happen; learned professions meddling malpractice faith_healing overturn dismount carnival football_game acquisition (= act of acquiring) engineering (= profession)
E event
things that happens at a given place and time bomb_blast crime_wave ordeal miracle upheaval accident tide eclipse
R process
a sustained phenomenon or one marked by gradual changes through a series of states oscillation distillation overheating aging extinction evaporation accretion/growth
X phenomenon
a physical force or something that happens/occurs nuclear_resonance gravity electricity suction sound_pressure tailwind northwest_wind cold_front X_ray tornado microwave suction effect repercussion
_ other noun
- not a noun
< continues a multiword unit
? unsure