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Class SuspiciousError

  extended by java.lang.Throwable
      extended by java.lang.Error
          extended by java.lang.VirtualMachineError
              extended by java.lang.InternalError
                  extended by orbital.util.SuspiciousError
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SuspiciousError
extends java.lang.InternalError

This class is a SuspiciousError thrown like an InternalError whenever logical errors raise which should not normally occur for correct semantics.

This particular error should raise if a cautious assumption fails even after it should have already been tested.

As an example for distinction consider:

 if (a.still_available())
     try {
         assert a.count()!=0 : "still_available() and count() consistent";
         assert a.count()==0 : "all data processed";
     // exceptions which simply cannot occur semantically correct
     catch(SemanticallyUnavailableException oops) {throw new SuspiciousError("exception unavailable");}
     // exceptions that are semantically and pragmatically impossible
     catch(ImpossibleException imp) {throw new InternalError("panic");}
     assert a.count()==0 : "still_available() and count() consistent";
So you should distinguish two situations:

 try {
     if (a instanceof Thing)
 } // exceptions that are semantically and pragmatically impossible
 catch(ClassCastException imp) {throw new InternalError("panic: classcast garbage");}
 Object arg;
 arg = new Thing("something");
 try {
     // could do assert a instanceof Thing,"a Thing remains a Thing");
 // exceptions which simply cannot occur semantically correct
 catch(ClassCastException oops) {throw new SuspiciousError("should not happen");}

André Platzer
See Also:
InternalError, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
SuspiciousError(java.lang.String message)
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Constructor Detail


public SuspiciousError(java.lang.String message)


public SuspiciousError()

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