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orbital.moon.logic Contains implementations of some logics as well as a logic and mathematical expression parser. 

Uses of ParseException in orbital.moon.logic

Methods in orbital.moon.logic that return ParseException
 ParseException LogicParser.generateParseException()

Methods in orbital.moon.logic that throw ParseException
 Expression LogicParser.AndExpression()
protected  Expression LogicParser.apply(Token optok, Expression[] a, Type reqResult)
          n-ary predicates or functions.
 Expression[] LogicParser.Argument_list()
 Expression[] LogicParser.Arguments()
 Expression LogicParser.Atom()
          A formula that is a logical atom.
 Expression LogicParser.AtomicTerm()
          Parse an atomic term (function application, number or string) for the current logic.
protected  Expression LogicParser.combine(Token optok, Expression[] a)
protected  Expression LogicParser.combine(Token optok, Symbol x, Expression a)
 Expression LogicParser.CompoundFormula()
          Parse a compound predicate formula for the current logic.
 Expression LogicParser.CompoundTerm()
          Parse a compound function term for the current logic.
 Expression LogicParser.CompoundType()
          A compound type.
 Symbol LogicParser.ConstantOrVariable()
          Parses a constant or a variable atomic term, depending upon known symbols in context.
 Expression LogicParser.EqualityExpression()
 Expression LogicParser.EquivalenceExpression()
 Expression LogicParser.ExclusiveOrExpression()
 Expression LogicParser.expression()
          Central expression parsing production.
 Expression LogicParser.FreeDeclarationExpression()
          free scope "quantifier" A "quantifier" with a purely syntactic function of declaring a variable.
 Expression LogicParser.ImplicationExpression()
 Expression LogicParser.InclusiveOrExpression()
 Expression LogicParser.LambdaAbstraction()
          λ-abstraction term.
 Expression LogicParser.LambdaAbstractionPredicate()
          λ-abstraction predicate.
 Symbol LogicParser.LiteralValue()
          atomic term literal value (in the sense of constant primitive type), f.ex.
 Expression LogicParser.MapType()
 Expression LogicParser.ModalExpression()
 Symbol LogicParser.NumberLiteralValue()
          purely numeric atomic term literal value (in the sense of constant primitive type).
 Expression LogicParser.parseFormula()
          Start production parsing a logic formula with the current syntax.
 Expression LogicParser.parseFormulas()
          Start production parsing a set of logic formulas with the current syntax.
 Expression LogicParser.parseTerm()
          Start production parsing an arithmetic formula expression.
 Type LogicParser.parseType()
          Start production parsing a type expression with the current syntax.
 Expression LogicParser.PiAbstractionType()
 Expression LogicParser.PowerTerm()
 Expression LogicParser.PrimaryExpression()
          Final expression parsing production (in addition to LogicParser.Atom()).
 Expression LogicParser.PrimaryTerm()
          Final term parsing production (in addition to LogicParser.AtomicTerm()).
 Expression LogicParser.PrimaryType()
          A primary type.
 Expression LogicParser.ProductTerm()
 Expression LogicParser.ProductType()
 Expression LogicParser.QuantifiedExpression()
 Expression LogicParser.SumTerm()
 Expression LogicParser.term()
          Central term parsing production.
 Expression[] LogicParser.Type_list()
 Expression LogicParser.type()
          Central type parsing production.
 Expression[] LogicParser.Types()
 Type LogicParser.typeUse()
          A type use.
 Expression LogicParser.UnaryExpression()
 Expression LogicParser.UnaryTerm()
 Symbol LogicParser.Variable()
          an atomic variable term.
 Symbol LogicParser.VariableDeclaration()
          an atomic variable term with a type declaration.

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