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orbital.moon.logic Contains implementations of some logics as well as a logic and mathematical expression parser. 

Uses of FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet in orbital.moon.logic

Fields in orbital.moon.logic declared as FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet
static FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet FuzzyLogic.BOUNDED
          Bounded or Ɨukasiewicz operators in fuzzy logic.
static FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet FuzzyLogic.DRASTIC
          Drastic operators in fuzzy logic.
static FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet FuzzyLogic.GOEDEL
          Gödel and Zadeh operators in fuzzy logic (default).
static FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet FuzzyLogic.PRODUCT
          Product operators in fuzzy logic.

Methods in orbital.moon.logic that return FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet
static FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet FuzzyLogic.HAMACHER(double gamma)
          Hamacher operators in fuzzy logic.
static FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet FuzzyLogic.YAGER(double p)
          Yager operators in fuzzy logic.

Constructors in orbital.moon.logic with parameters of type FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet
FuzzyLogic(FuzzyLogic.OperatorSet fuzzyLogicOperators)
          Create a new fuzzy logic implementation with a specific operator set.

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