Orbital library

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Packages that use ValueFactory
orbital.math Defines arithmetic objects and provides mathematical algorithms. 

Uses of ValueFactory in orbital.math

Classes in orbital.math that implement ValueFactory
 class Values
          Manager for scalar value and arithmetic object value constructor factories.

Methods in orbital.math that return ValueFactory
static ValueFactory Values.getDefault()
          Get the (single) default value factory instance.
static ValueFactory Values.getInstance()
          Returns a new value factory with default settings.
static ValueFactory Values.getInstance(java.util.Map parameters)
          Returns a new value factory with specified settings.
 ValueFactory Arithmetic.valueFactory()
          Get the value factory producing this object

Methods in orbital.math with parameters of type ValueFactory
static void Values.setDefault(ValueFactory newValueFactory)
          Set the (single) default value factory instance.

Orbital library
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