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Packages that use Inference
orbital.logic.imp Defines a generic interface to (symbolic) logic systems. 
orbital.moon.logic Contains implementations of some logics as well as a logic and mathematical expression parser. 
orbital.moon.logic.resolution Provides resolution inference theorem prover implementation and clause management. 

Uses of Inference in orbital.logic.imp

Methods in orbital.logic.imp that return Inference
 Inference Logic.inference()
          Get the inference relation |~K according to the implementation calculus K.

Uses of Inference in orbital.moon.logic

Methods in orbital.moon.logic that return Inference
 Inference ModalLogic.inference()
 Inference FuzzyLogic.inference()
 Inference ClassicalLogic.inference()

Uses of Inference in orbital.moon.logic.resolution

Classes in orbital.moon.logic.resolution that implement Inference
 class ResolutionBase
          Basic skeleton for resolution theorem provers.
 class SaturationResolution
          Naïve saturation.
 class SearchResolution
          Set of support resolution based on search.
 class SetOfSupportResolution
          Direct set of support resolution.

Orbital library
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