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orbital.logic.functor Contains template interfaces for logic functors like Predicates and Functions that can be used for generalized call-back, and functional operations based upon them. 

Uses of VoidFunction.Composite in orbital.logic.functor

Methods in orbital.logic.functor that return VoidFunction.Composite
static VoidFunction.Composite Functionals.compose(BinaryFunction f, VoidFunction g, VoidFunction h)
          compose: Map(B1×B2,C)×(Map({()},B1)×Map({()},B2))→Map({()},C); (f,g,h) ↦ f ∘ (g × h) := f(g,h) .
static VoidFunction.Composite Functionals.compose(Function f, VoidFunction g)
          compose: Map(B,C)×Map({()},B)→Map({()},C); (f,g) ↦ f ∘ g := f(g).

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