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orbital.algorithm.evolutionary Genetic algorithms simulate nature on a very abstract level to get solutions for sophisticated problems. 
orbital.algorithm.template A framework for general algorithmic evaluation schemes including search and planning algorithms. 

Uses of ProbabilisticAlgorithm in orbital.algorithm.evolutionary

Classes in orbital.algorithm.evolutionary that implement ProbabilisticAlgorithm
 class ConcurrenceGeneticAlgorithm
          This class is a genetic algorithm that weights its members in comparison to the others.
 class GeneticAlgorithm
          A base class for genetic algorithms.
 class IncrementalGeneticAlgorithm
          An incremental genetic algorithm with overlapping populations and only one reproduction per generation.
 class SimpleGeneticAlgorithm
          A simple genetic algorithm with non-overlapping populations.
 class SteadyStateGeneticAlgorithm
          A steady state genetic algorithm with overlapping populations.

Uses of ProbabilisticAlgorithm in orbital.algorithm.template

Classes in orbital.algorithm.template that implement ProbabilisticAlgorithm
 class HillClimbing
          Hill-climbing search.
 class LocalOptimizerSearch
          General search scheme for local optimizing search.
 class SimulatedAnnealing
          Simulated Annealing (SA) search.
 class ThresholdAccepting
          Threshold Accepting (TA) search.
 class TransitionPath
          A (randomized) path through state space S by transition τ of a TransitionModel.

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