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orbital.algorithm.template A framework for general algorithmic evaluation schemes including search and planning algorithms. 

Uses of EvaluativeAlgorithm in orbital.algorithm.template

Subinterfaces of EvaluativeAlgorithm in orbital.algorithm.template
 interface HeuristicAlgorithm
          Interface for heuristic (search) algorithms.

Classes in orbital.algorithm.template that implement EvaluativeAlgorithm
 class AStar
          A* search class.
 class BestFirstSearch
          BestFirstSearch class (BFS).
 class BranchAndBound
          Branch-and-bound (B&B).
 class GaussSeidelDynamicProgramming
          Gauß-Seidel dynamic programming.
 class GeneralBoundingSearch
          Abstract general bounding search scheme.
 class HillClimbing
          Hill-climbing search.
 class IterativeBroadening
          Iterative Broadening (IB).
 class IterativeDeepening
          Iterative Deepening (ID).
 class IterativeDeepeningAStar
          Iterative Deepening A* (IDA*).
 class IterativeExpansion
          Iterative Expansion (IE).
 class LocalOptimizerSearch
          General search scheme for local optimizing search.
static class MarkovDecisionProcess.DynamicProgramming
          Abstract base class for Markov decision processes solved per dynamic programming.
 class ParallelBranchAndBound
          Parallel branch-and-bound algorithm.
 class RealTimeDynamicProgramming
          Real-Time Dynamic Programming (RTDP).
 class SimulatedAnnealing
          Simulated Annealing (SA) search.
 class ThresholdAccepting
          Threshold Accepting (TA) search.
 class WAStar
          WA* search class.

Constructors in orbital.algorithm.template with parameters of type EvaluativeAlgorithm
EvaluativeAlgorithm.EvaluationComparator(EvaluativeAlgorithm a)
          Create a new comparator for states compared by their evaluation values.

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