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Last updated 2/6/00
This is a list of sites through which you can find lots of other information, not all Neanderthal-leaning. This includes online discussion groups, sites with lots of pointers, and sites related to TV/magazines/etc. I've also separated out some "full-service" sites that include most of the above and more.

Sites for a single organization are not included here; you'll find some pointers to such pages on the tools, supplies, organizations and places pages. I also don't list finished woodworking businesses; I just don't have enough time to do a good job of it.

Full-Service Sites

The Woodworking Catalog
Sells web space and pointers to woodworking businesses. Also has pointers of general interest, including extensive ASCII directories of suppliers, and a woodworking e-zine. Also home to a thriving want ad/bboard service. Actively maintained and worth coming back to.
Badger Pond
Articles, discussion groups and a couple of weekly chat sessions.

Discussion Groups

The OLDTOOLS mailing list
A venue for detailed discussion of old tool stuff. Also see the announcement/invitation and answers to frequently asked questions. There are also two sources of thread archives: one maintained by Roger Rosner and one by John Gunterman.
The illicit union of alt.neanderthal and rec.norm.
Discussion of carving (in all materials, not just wood.)
Discussion of woodturning: tools, materials, techniques.
a Japanese furniture forum.
DIY Forum
A group of Japanese do-it-yourself discussion areas.
WOOD Online Discussions
WW discussion groups hosted by WOOD Magazine.
The Oak Factory - Woodworker's Bulletin Board
A web-based discussion forum.
The August Home WoodNet Forum
A web-based discussion group.
IRC #woodworking
Discussing woodworking via Internet Relay Chat.
Ornamental Turning and Antique Tool Bulletin Board
Want ads for the above. Uses client pull to update -- de gustibus and all that.
Antique Tools Classified Index
A similar, less specialized service.
The Tool Exchange
An even less specialized want ad service; at least it has a hand tool category, at my request.

Pointers Galore

Commercial sites

WoodWeb Home Page
A commercial site aimed primarily at professionals.
The Woodworking Market Place
A British directory for the woodworking biz.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Furniture & Interior Design
A set of furniture-related links maintained by i3.
Tooling on the Web
A site dedicated to tools of all kinds. Primarily a collection of links right now but offering web presence to prospective clients.
Lore, plans and links.

Just folks

W5: WoodWorking on the World Wide Web
Bob Brown's page, lots of pointers, tips, even PC CAD software.
rec.woodworking tidbits
Jim Roche's page, lots of FAQs and pointers.
WoodTurning on the Web
Robert Spragg's compendium of woodturning links.
Wooden Reflections
Notable for its list of woodworking magazines.

Something completely different

The PHOAKS directory of webpages mentioned in rec.woodworking.


Woodworker's Journal On-Line
Electronic cousin of the magazine.
Yahoo! Internet Life: Woodworking
Capsule reviews of some woodworking sites from one of the leading metaservices.
Canadian Workshop
Canadian woodworking and home improvement.
The Fine Tool Journal
Articles on new and old hand tools, mail auctions, and tools for sale. This site includes an online subscription form.
Dean's web page.
This Old House
The show and the magazine. I'm quite sure Norm does not endorse the related drinking game.
Wood Online
The web presence of Better Homes and Gardens Wood Magazine. Includes a useful database of tool and material suppliers.
Popular Mechanics
A very slickly-done website. Note especially the Shop Talk section.
Woodshop News
A monthly journal of the woodworking trade. Notable for their online events calendar.
Woodworker West
A bimonthly concentrating on the West Coast.
Hardwood Review
An industry newsletter.
August Home Publishing
The publisher of Woodsmith, ShopNotes and Workbench Magazine.
Taunton Press
Publisher of Fine WoodWorking and Home Furniture, along with many woodworking books.
Today's Woodworker
A magazine.
The Woodwright's Shop
Roy's UNC-TV home page. See also the Woodwright's Shop FAQ, courtesy of Geary Morton, the show's producer.
Good Woodworking
A British woodworking magazine.

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