Unofficial ACM Publications FAQ

Jonathan Aldrich

The purpose of this document is to supplement official ACM documentation on publications with answers to a some questions that come up frequently. Although I serve on the ACM Publications Board, this page is not intended to be an authoritative reference for ACM policy or procedures. Neverthless, it sometimes takes a bit longer to get information out on authoritative channels, and in that spirit, I hope this is helpful.

If you have a question that is not on this list but should be, don't hesitate to contact me at

I'm having trouble with TAPS, the new ACM Publishing System. What should I do?

TAPS appears to work well for many simpler documents, but authors who use LaTeX in more interesting ways have seen challenges. It's an important initiative, however, because it supports HTML publication, which allows ACM papers to be accessible to those with disabilities, and also it makes it easier to read papers on devices smaller than a sheet of paper. Here are some resources that may help with TAPS:

My institution signed ACM Open, so my article should be published Gold Open Access for free. But I don't have that option in the ACM e-rights form. What can I do?

ACM Open applies to the corresponding author only. So if you want to get Gold Open Access via ACM Open, then your corresponding author needs to be from an ACM Open institution.

Perhaps your corresponding author is set incorrectly. This can happen if your conference management system does not explicitly gather the single corresponding author (which is a different concept than HotCRP's multiple "contact authors"). In that case, the corresponding author is often defaulted to the first author, which may not be correct.

If you are filling out the e-rights form you can figure out who the current corresponding author is. The e-rights form has a link to "edit title/author." Clicking this link leads to a popup. The pop-up window shows which author is the corresponding author (there's a green check mark).

If the corresponding author is set incorrectly, you can contact ACM production staff ( If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help advocate to make sure the right thing happens...making ACM Open succeed is important to all of us on the Publications Board!