Video Gallery

Update: links broken

Sorry, I ran out of quota space and had to move a bunch of videos off this site. I hope to put them on Youtube sometime soon; in the meantime, email me if you want to see one.

September 2007
    Lake Moraine
    Playing restaurant
    Dancing with the Bride

August 2007
    Itsy Bitsy Spider

19 mo. (Sierra)

    Eating Blueberries
    Dancing in the streets
    Princess Shoes
    Bedtime Reading

18 mo.
    Putting shoes on

17 mo.
    Yarn stash
    Unpacking the cupboards
    At the aviary

16 mo.
    Laundry Chute
    Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!
    Cincinnati Zoo:  Rope Spider Web
    Rocking Horse

15 mo.
    Easter: smelling flowers
    Easter:  eating treats
    Playing the piano

14 mo.
    Playing with Daddy at the Capitol
    Leaf Play
    Jug Fountain at Phipps Conservatory
    Dancing with Daddy
    Kicking the stairs

12 mo.
    Playing on the beach in Kona

6 mo.
    Learning to sit up. Still a bit wobbly!! (Windows Media high quality 4 MB)

5 mo.  
    My first bites of solid food. Rice cereal, yum yum! (Windows Media high quality 30 MB, low quality 3 MB)