Tuesday, Oct 06, 2020. 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Link to Zoom for Online Seminar.

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Christian Schunn -- Transforming frenemies to collaborators: automated and peer feedback

Abstract: As NLP and AI have made major advances, there has been a rise of AI systems that seek to provide useful feedback to learners on complex, open-ended tasks such as design projects, extended writing, and presentations. In some circles, such systems are seen as competitive alternatives to traditional teacher feedback or increasingly-popular peer feedback systems. However, such automated feedback systems seem to be struggling to be successful without time-consuming customization to each specific task given to students. I will present the latest findings on why and when peer feedback works, along with some experiences regarding the relatively narrow role automated systems can currently play on their own. The goal of the talk is to suggest new frontiers in AI-augmented peer feedback systems.

Bio: Christian Schunn is Co-director of the Institute for Learning, Senior Scientist at the Learning Research and Development Center and a Professor of Intelligent Systems, Psychology, and Learning Sciences and Policy at the University of Pittsburgh, and Chief Learning Scientist for Peerceptiv, a local company offering a peer assessment system used throughout the world. He obtained his Ph.D. at CMU in 1995. He directs research and design projects in writing, science, mathematics, technology, and engineering education. He has served on two National Academy of Engineering committees, and he is a Fellow of AAAS, APA, APS, and the International Society for Design and Development in Education.