About the Intelligence Seminar

This is the home page for the Intelligence Seminar at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2009–10, this seminar is coordinated by Prof. Noah Smith.

Unless otherwise noted, the meeting time is Tuesdays 3:30 pm in Gates-Hillman 4303.

To volunteer to give an Intelligence Seminar talk or to nominate an outside speaker, contact Prof. Noah Smith. The administrative contact for travel arrangements, scheduling, etc. (except where listed below) is Dana Houston.

Schedule (Fall 2009/Spring 2010)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Faculty host Contact Notes
September 28, 2009
11am, NSH 1507
Ashwin Ram Georgia Tech User-Generated AI for Interactive Digital Entertainment Jessica Hodgins Jennifer Turken Joint RI Seminar; note special day/time and place!
October 6, 2009 Michael Bowling University of Alberta AI After Dark: Computers Playing Poker Tuomas Sandholm Charlotte Yano
October 20, 2009 Don Burke University of Pittsburgh Modeling Pandemic Influenza: Computation and Simulation of Epidemics and Other Dynamic Public Health Processes Roni Rosenfeld Roni Rosenfeld
November 3, 2009
Holger Hoos University of British Columbia Taming the Complexity Monster Tuomas Sandholm Charlotte Yano
November 10, 2009 Carla Brodley Tufts University Challenges in the Practical Application of Machine Learning Manuela Veloso Dana Houston
January 26, 2010 Yiannis Aloimonos University of Maryland Grammars of Human Activity Ferndando De la Torre Fernando De la Torre
February 23, 2010 Alex Smola Yahoo Research Fast and Sloppy - Scaling Up Linear Models Carlos Guestrin Michelle Martin
March 2, 2010 Manuela Veloso Carnegie Mellon University Towards Autonomous Mobile Robots Coexisting with Humans in Indoor Environments
March 16, 2010
Yael Niv Princeton University Better Safe Than Sorry? Neural Prediction Errors Reveal a Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning Process Tom Mitchell Sharon Cavlovich
March 25, 2010
1pm, GHC 6115
Alan Yuille UCLA Recursive Compositional Models for Computational Vision Tai Sing Lee Barbara Dorney Joint CNBC and MLD seminar; note special time and place!
March 30, 2010
Fei-Fei Li Stanford University Story Telling in Images: Modeling Visual Hierarchies Within and Across Images Eric Xing Michelle Martin
April 6, 2010
Norman Sadeh Carnegie Mellon University User-Controllable Security and Privacy: Lessons from the Design and Deployment of a Family of Location Sharing Applications Joint ISR Seminar
April 20, 2010
GHC 4401
Oren Etzioni University of Washington Machine Reading at Web Scale Tom Mitchell Sharon Cavlovich Note special room!
May 11, 2010
NSH 3305
John Laird University of Michigan A Task-Independent Approach to Diverse Forms of Prediction for Action Modeling Manuela Veloso Heather Carney Note room change!

Mailing list

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