About the Intelligence Seminar

This is the home page for the Intelligence Seminar at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2008–9, this seminar is coordinated by Prof. Noah Smith.

Unless otherwise noted, the meeting time is Tuesdays 3:30 pm in Wean 5409.

To volunteer to give an Intelligence Seminar talk or to nominate an outside speaker, contact Prof. Noah Smith. The administrative contact for travel arrangements, scheduling, etc. (except where listed below) is Dana Houston.

Schedule (Fall 2008/Spring 2009)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Faculty host Contact Notes
September 9, 2008
NSH 1305
Tom Mitchell Carnegie Mellon University Predicting Neural Representations of Word Meanings Note special room!
September 12, 2008
NSH 1305, 3:30 pm
Radhika Nagpal Harvard University Engineering Self-Organizing Systems Seth Goldstein Seth Goldstein Joint Intelligence/Robotics seminar; note special time and place!
November 11, 2008 Adnan Darwiche UCLA Explaining Iterative Belief Propagation Carlos Guestrin Michelle Martin
November 21, 2008
NSH 1305, 10:30 am
Ray Mooney U. Texas at Austin Learning Language from its Perceptual Context William Cohen Sharon Cavlovich Joint Intelligence/LTI seminar; note special time and place!
November 24, 2008
NSH 3305, 4:30 pm
Joe Hellerstein UC Berkeley What What: Declarative, Data-Centric Approaches to Parallelism Carlos Guestrin Michelle Martin Joint CS/Pitt seminar; note special time and place!
December 2, 2008 Jack Gallant UC Berkeley Let's see what you think! Bayesian reconstruction of perceptual experiences from human brain activity John Lafferty Dana Houston
February 3, 2009 Craig Boutilier U. Toronto Intelligent preference assessment: the next steps? Tuomas Sandholm Marilyn Walgora
February 24, 2009 Kevin Leyton-Brown U. British Columbia Scaling up game theory: Representation and reasoning with action graph games Carlos Guestrin Michelle Martin
March 17, 2009 Dave Blei Princeton Supervised and relational topic models Noah Smith Noah Smith Note new date!
May 15, 2009
NSH 1305, 2:00 pm
Dan Klein UC Berkeley Latent-variable models for natural language processing Noah Smith Noah Smith Joint Intelligence/LTI seminar; note special time and place!
June 23, 2009
NSH 1507, 3:30 pm
Robert Thibadeau Seagate Research Action Perception Jaime Carbonell Dana Houston Note special location!

Mailing list

The mailing list for announcing upcoming Intelligence Seminar talks is on the SCS mailman server. Only the list administrators may post to the list. You can subscribe/unsubscribe from the mailing list. If you’re already subscribed, you do not need to re-subscribe.