Intelligence Seminar: Past Talks (2006–8)

The current Intelligence Seminar schedule is available here.

Spring 2008

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Faculty host Contact Notes
Jan 15 2008 Kenneth D. Forbus Northwestern University Steps towards human-level AI Scott Fahlman Barbara Grandillo
Thu Jan 31 2008,
2pm in NSH 3305
Daphne Koller Stanford Understanding Shape using Probabilistic Correspondence Carlos Guestrin Sharon Cavlovich Special time and location!
Mar 18 2008 Sridhar Mahadevan University of Massachusetts, Amherst Hearing the Shape of a State Space: New Frontiers in Representation Discovery Carlos Guestrin Michelle Martin
Mar 25 2008 Meinolf Sellmann Brown University Beyond Value Selection Heuristics Tuomas Sandholm Michelle Martin
Apr 1 2008 Tuomas Sandholm CMU Solving huge sequential imperfect-information games, with application to poker Carlos Guestrin Michelle Martin
TBA Jeff Bilmes University of Washington Adaptation, Inference, and Optimization: Speech Driven Machine Learning Carlos Guestrin Sharon Cavlovich This talk has been rescheduled! New date will be posted.
Apr 22 Martin Wainwright University of California, Berkeley Inference in high-dimensional settings: Trade-offs between computational and statistical efficiency Eric Xing Michelle Martin
May 13 Feng Zhao Microsoft Research Power Management: from tiny embedded devices to warehouse sized data centers Carlos Guestrin and Greg Ganger Helen Pugliano, 8-3360 joint with SDI seminar


Date Speaker Affiliation Title Faculty host Contact Notes
Feb 20 2007 Josh Tenenbaum Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT Bayesian models of human learning and inference Tom Mitchell Sharon Cavlovich
Thu Feb 22 2007, 12 pm in NSH 3305 David Parkes Division of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard Adaptive Online Allocation Mechanisms for Single-Valued Domains Norman Sadeh Jennifer Lucas Note special day and time! Joint seminar with ISR/COS
Thu Mar 1 2007, 3:30 pm in Wean 7500 Tom Mitchell Machine Learning Department, CMU The Discipline and Future of Machine Learning Sharon Cavlovich Note special day and time!
Mar 20 2007, 2:30 pm in NSH 3305 Lise Getoor Computer Science Dept., University of Maryland Statistical Relational Learning: Entity Resolution and Link Prediction Carlos Guestrin Monica Hopes Note special location and time!
Apr 24 2007 Geoffrey Hinton University of Toronto An efficient way to learn deep generative models Eric Xing Monica Hopes
Fri May 4 2007, 3:30 pm in NSH 1305 Andrew Ng Stanford University STAIR: The STanford Artificial Intelligence Robot project Alexei Efros Kristen Shrauder Note special location and time! Joint seminar with RI
Tue Aug 7 2007, 10:30am in NSH 1305 Sven Koenig University of Southern California Advances in Path Planning Eugene Fink Eugene Fink
Wed Oct 10 2007, 1:30pm in WH 4625 Willem-Jan van Hoeve Tepper School of Business, CMU Optimal Multi-Agent Scheduling with Constraint Programming Tuomas Sandholm Marilyn Walgora Special time and location!
Oct 16 2007 Michael Kearns University of Pennsylvania Behavioral Games on Networks Avrim Blum Nicole Stenger
Fri Oct 26, 11am in NSH 1305 Guy Lebanon Purdue University Non-Parametric Modeling of Partially Ranked Data Daniel Neill Special time and location!
Nov 6 2007 Sanjoy Dasgupta University of California, San Diego Projection Pursuit, Gaussian Scale Mixtures, and the EM Algorithm Carlos Guestrin Monica Hopes
Thu Nov 29 2007, 3:30 in WH 5409 Dieter Fox University of Washington Activity Recognition from Wearable Sensors Carlos Guestrin Monica Hopes Special day!
Dec 11 2007 Alex Smola NICTA ANU Painless Distribution Representations for Unsupervised Learning Carlos Guestrin Monica Hopes

Fall 2006

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Faculty host Contact Notes
Sept 26, 1pm NSH 1507 Jovan Popović CSAIL, MIT Semantic Models of Shape Jessica Hodgins Note special time!
Oct 3 Alon Altman Technion IIT, Haifa, Israel An Axiomatic Approach to Ranking Systems Tuomas Sandholm Marilyn Walgora
Oct 10 John-Dylan Haynes Max-Planck Institute CNS, Leipzig, Germany Decoding conscious and unconscious mental states from brain activity in humans Tom Mitchell Sharon Cavlovich
Oct 17 Warren D. Smith Center for Range Voting MATHEMATICS and DEMOCRACY Daniel Sleator Nicole Stenger
Oct 24 Gerry Tesauro IBM Watson Research Improving Systems Management Policies Using Hybrid Reinforcement Learning Carlos Guestrin Monica Hopes
Thu Oct 26, 2-3:30pm in NSH 1507 Frank Dellaert Georgia Tech Inference in Large-Scale Graphical Models and its application to SFM, SAM, and SLAM Srinivasa Narasimhan Janice Brochetti Note special day and time! Joint seminar with VASC
Nov 14 Pascal Van Hentenryck Brown University Online Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Tuomas Sandholm Marilyn Walgora