User Interface

Diagram Editor

Error message given when changing the name of elements are now more targeted.

Diagram Assistants now appear only on selected elements, improving interactivity.

Family Editor

A minor layout adjustment and renaming of buttons for creating types.

Properties View

The editor in the Properties section that allows you to edit property values is now a drop down that provides quick buttons for setting, canceling, or removing propoerty values.

Information tooltips for properties and rules now use balloon-style windows, and provide quick buttons for opening dialogs to edit.

Visualizations for elements can be changed via the new Visuals section. This allows the visual depiction of an element instance to be customized for that instance, and, if applicable, allows the depiction to be promoted to a type ? making the change to all elements of the selected element?s type.


When opening a file, the subeditor that you were in when you last saved the file is restored. Saved and closed the file in the source editor? The next time you open the file, the source editor will be in focus. Editing a representation? That representation will be in focus the next time you open the file.

Double-clicking on problems in the problem view will change the focus in the Acme editor to be on the element that was the source of the problem.

New in previous versions

New in AcmeStudio 3.0.0