Faculty & Staff

Professor and Group Lead
Involved in all projects.

Principal Systems Scientist
Involved in all projects.

Assistant Professor
Software design and assurance.

Adjunct Professor
Co-adaptive Systems

Affiliated Faculty

Lecturer at University of York, UK.

Gabriel Moreno

SEI Researcher.


ISR PhD Student
Involved in End User Architecting

ISR PhD Student
Involved in Rainbow and Fault Diagnosis.

ISR PhD Student
Involved in Rainbow.

Roykrong Sukkerd

ISR PhD Student
Involved in Internet of Things.
Co-advised with Reid Simmons.

T.J. Glazier

ISR PhD Student
Involved in Rainbow.

Ryan Wagner

ISR PhD Student, working on Graceful Degradation and Security.
Co-advised with Matt Fredrikson.

Cody Kineer

ISR PhD Student, working on Search-Based Self-Adaptation.
Co-advised by Clair Le Goues.

ISR PhD Student, working on Software Architecture and Quality Attributes.
Co-advised by Eunsuk Kang.

Maria da Loura Casimiro

ISR PhD Student.

Changjian Zhang

ISR PhD Student.
Co-advised by Eunsuk Kang.


Nianyu Li

Formal methods, self-adaptive systems

Cybr-Physical Systems Security and Formal Methods

Graduated Students

Ivan Ruchkin

Graduated 2018.

Integration of Modeling Methods for Cyber-Physical Systems

Currently a Postdoc at University of Pennsylvania.

Gabriel Moreno

Graduated 2017.

Adaptation Timing in Self-Adaptive Systems

Currently at the SEI.

Jeffrey M. Barnes

Graduated 2013.

Software Architecture Evolution

Currently at Amazon.

Shang-Wen Cheng
Vahe Poladian

Graduated 2007

Tailoring Configuration to User's Tasks
Co-advised with Mary Shaw.

Graduated 2007.

Design Fragments
Co-advised with Bill Scherlis

Currently at Google.

Bridget Spitznagel

Graduated 2004.

Compositional Transformation of Software Connectors

Currently at Google.

John Ockerbloom

Graduated 1998.

Mediating Among Diverse Data Formats.

Currently at the University of Pennsylvania

Robert Allen

Former Members

Ralph Melton
Heather Richter
Andrew Kompanek
Zhenyu Wang
Jichuan Chang
Wei Zhang
Hong Yan
Nicholas Sherman
Orieta Celiku
Gabe Zenarosa
Prabhu Ragynathan
Jung Soo Kim