The following datasets can be for non-commercial research and educational purposes. Please cite the appropriate references when using the dataset in your research papers. The software must not be modified or distributed without prior permission of the author. By submitting the following form you agree to be bound by this license.

Multiple Person Tracking Datasets

This dataset has been used in M2Tracker, ICCV 2007, PAMI 2008 paper. It consist of videos consisting of 3, 4, 5 and 6 people in a scene. The dataset is available from 15cameras and calibration information is also provided.

Download 4 Persons Dataset
Download 5 Persons Dataset
Download Calibration Parameters

Human-Object Interaction Dataset

This datasets consist of 10 subjects performing six activities. The dataset has been used in our CVPR 2007 and PAMI 2009 paper.

 Download Human-Object Interaction Videos
 Download Presentation


Weakly Labeled Car Dataset - NIPS 2008 (Images from Label me)    Coming Soon !

This dataset consists of 45 training images for car and 48 test images. This dataset was used in our NIPS 2008 paper. We used the dataset in weakly labeled format (i.e positions of cars are not known in the training).


Action Recognition from Static Images    Now Available !

This dataset consists of 50 static images of different actions in different sports. List of actions are: batting (cricket), bowling (cricket), serve (tennis), forehand (tennis), serve (volleyball), shot (croquet). This dataset has been used in our submitted PAMI paper.

 Download Static Image Dataset

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