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Faculty: Ananda Gunawardena, Jim Roberts, Don Slater, Victor Adamchik, John Barr, Robert Monroe
Students: Dan Horbatt, Chantelle Humphreys, Amit Agarwal, Dan Petty, Jason Ma, Aaron Kao

How to Install .net runtime

Adaptive Book is a smart thin client developed using Microsoft .net technology framework. Before you can use Adaptive Book, you must have .net runtime environment installed in your windows machine. You can check this by clicking start -> Settings -> control panel -> add or remove programs Check to see if the list of programs installed on your machine includes Microsoft .net Framework 1.1 or higher. If not click here to install .net framework 1.1

How to Install Adaptive Book Software

Adaptive Book is a smart thin client developed using C#/.net technology framework. Adaptive Book is a property of TextCentric,Inc and is protected by the intellectual property laws of United States and Abroad. No part of Adaptive Book user interface, features or specific techniques can be copied or reproduced without the permission of TextCentric, Inc. The Weiss book is property of Addison Wesley Publishing. you agree not to redistribute or use Adaptive Book for purposes other than the demonstrations related to this conference. To use Adaptive Book in your course settings, please contact Ananda Gunawardena (guna@cs.cmu.edu) or call 412-268-1559. if you agree to terms and conditions of downloading the Adaptive Book Please complete the survey CLICK HERE and send email to Ananda Gunawardena (guna@cs.cmu.edu)
Click Here to Download the zip File that contains the Adaptive Book Thin Client
Click here to read the installation instructions

How to Download a book

Adaptive Book is a SCORM reader. Adaptive Book can import any book package in SCORM format. We refer to a book package as a book PROFILE(books can be online or offline or both) You can see available book profiles here Pick a profile you'd like to download and save it to desktop (do not change the file extension .tpl - choose all files when saving). Now open the Adaptive Book and choose IMPORT PROFILE from file menu. Choose the profile you downloaded to desktop and import the book. Please note that all content are protected by copyright laws of the United States and Adaptive Book or Content cannot be used for any purpose other than demonstrations. Public distribution of software and content is prohibited.

How to Create your own book

If you have your own content, you can start creating your Adaptive book. We are providing you with a sample template that can be used to create your own Adaptive Book. If you are interested in creating your own Table of Content we will work with you to create that. For now, let us learn how to create an Adaptive book from your own content. TO BEGIN CLICK HERE

How to Download a Markup

One of the unique features of Adaptive Book technology is its ability to allow the instructor to generate a markup repository. Markup repository consists of reusable markups with rights and royalty management. Click here to download a markup Save the file to your desktop and import(do not change the file extension .tml - choose all files when saving) A good way to use Adaptive book in class is to create a markup libray. Click here to see a markup library for Weiss Data Structures and Algorithms book.

How to Analyze your Markup

Our research is investigating the possibility of developing a comprehensive set of smart markup analysis tools to predict the reading comprehension. If you want to test this concept download the markup named "HP Question..", import to Adaptive Book (This markup works only with Weiss Java Full Book), find and highlight the places in the book where you think is relevant to answer these questions. Save the markup and export to desktop. Now you can compare your markup to an expert markup by Clicking here

login as HPUSER6 (through HPUSER20)

passwd: none


HP Faculty Survey

We would love to hear what you think of textbooks, Adaptive book technology and/or if you are interested in collaborating with CMU. Please PROFESSSORS PLEASE CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY

Student Survey

This is a survey to find out what students think of textbooks and how we should build technologies to support teaching and learning. Please ask your students to complete this survey. Copy and send this link to students. The link is

http://www.surveymonkey.com/Users/18967543/Surveys/533963240016/EE895DEA-E1B3-4EE1-A7B7-34389397AEE9.asp? U=533963240016&DO_NOT_COPY_THIS_LINK


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Adaptive Book technology free? ANSWER: YES, but if you are planning to use a textbook from a publishers you need to get permission from the publisher (CMU and/or TextCentric will work with you on that) and this process typically takes upto 3 months

2. Can I use my own content in Adaptive Book?. ANSWER: YES. if you have your own content (preferbly html) you can create a custom book. We will show this at the workshop on thursday

3. Where are all markups hosted? . ANSWER: Markups are local to offline books. Online markups are hosted from a server at CMU.