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See Adaptive Book 2.0 - Classroom Salon

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Project Description
The purpose of this project is to create a platform for personalizing XML based digital textbooks and creating an environment for collaboration. Adaptive Book will collect interactive data, analyze and predict best practices among its users. The Tablet PC version of Adaptive book allows users create, organize and share pen based and audio annotations.

Technical Details
Adaptive book is a thin client program written in C#/.net for windows 2000 and higher and the Table PC version is developed with Pen SDK. Any IMS/SCORM package can be imported into the Adaptive Book.

Here is another video about adaptive book

Another Adaptive Book Demo from Thompson Publishers

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP Tablet Edition, Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2), or Windows XP.
  • Tablet PC, Desktop, Notebook, or Laptop running the above operating system.
  • 2 Megabytes (MB) of disk space with sufficient permission to install programs.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.0 installed.

Download and Installtion Instructions (available soon):

  • Download Adaptive Book Thin client (available soon) from
  • Download a content package (available soon) from Adaptive Content Repository
  • Import package into Adaptive Book and open the book
  • See Adaptive Book User Manual for more instructions

CMU Researchers


Thomson Brooks Cole Publishing

Carnegie Mellon - HCI _ Graduate Project - Digital Review Sheet - Fall 2002 (see Video) (lead: Neema Moravej)


Adaptive Book in the News


       Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewPower, performance, and entertainment at the touch of a button



Adaptive Book based Text Books


Linear Algebra - An interactive Approach - by Jain and Gunawardena

Key Press publishing


Key Press publishing

Oreilly Publishing*

Addison Wesley Publishing*

Springer-Verlag and

Key College Publishing




Wiley Publishing*





Organic Chemistry

Image missing





Thomson/Brooks Cole Publishing*






* Available only for Adaptive Book research projects

Research Projects



Project Name


Project Summary

Project Web Site


University of Texas - Michael Anderson, CMU/TextCentric - Gunawardena and Freedman

The goal of this project is to provide distance learning students with an affordable and effective etext solution

AB-San Jose State University

San Jose State University - Malu Roldan
CMU - Gunawardena

The goal of this project is to use the Adaptive Book software in tablet PC in business courses offered by SJSU.

Adaptive Book project site

AB-Key Press

Key Press- Karen Coe
CMU - Ananda Gunawardena
TextCentric - Gordon Freedman

The goal of this project is to use Adaptive book software to deliver secure and effective electronic version of the Key Press textbook - Discover Algebra
Discover Algebra - Adaptive Book

AB-CLOR (Customized Learning Object Repository)

Ananda Gunawardena and Victor Adamchik (Carnegie Mellon University)

The goal of this project is to create a reusable adaptive learning objects repository

CLOR Project Web Site

AB-Ellis Tablet PC Pilot

Ellis School - Russ Schopper(Math teacher), Mark Walker,  Cara Laroche,(Headof Math Dept) Dr Mary Grant (head of School)

The goal of this project is to study the use of Tablet PC usage among Ellis Students in 8th grade Geometry

Ellis Tablet PC Project Site

AB-Mt Lebanon High School Pilot

MTLB - Jonathan Ptachcinski, Aillen Owens, CMU- Gunawardena, Aaron Kao

This pilot will study the use of Tablet PC and Adaptive book in Organic Chemistry

MTLB Project Website


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