The WB Affiliates

This list is derived from the list at the official site

City Call Channel Comments
Albany, NY WMHQ 45 Coming December 1998
Albuquerque KWBQ 19 Coming January 1999
Atlanta WATL 36
Austin KNVA 54
Baltimore WNUV 54
Bangor WBGR 33
Birmingham WTTO 21
Boston WLVI 56
Buffalo WNYO 49
Burlington-Plattsburgh WBVT 39
Campbellsville WGRB 34
Charleston-Huntington WHCP 30
Charlotte WFVT 55
Chattanooga WYHB 39
Chicago WCIU 26 Kids WB! only
Chicago WGN 9
Cincinnati WSTR 64
Cleveland WBNX 55
Colorado Springs KWHS 51 Kids WB! only
Columbus, OH WWHO 53
Dallas KDAF 33
Dayton WUCT 51
Denver KWGN 2
Des Moines KPWB 69 Coming June 1999
Detroit WDWB 20
El Paso KKWB 65
Evansville, IN WWAZ 19
Fresno KNSO 51
Ft. Myers-Naples WTVK 46
Gainsville WGFL 53
Grand Rapids WLLA 64 Kids WB! only
Greensboro WBFX 20
Greenville WASV 62
Guam KUAM LP 20
Hartford WBNE 59
Honolulu KWHE 14 Kids WB! only
Houston KHTV 39
Huntsville WOWL 15 Kids WB! only
Indianapolis WTTV 4
Jackson, MS WBVJ 35 Coming January 1999
Jacksonville WJWB 17
Kansas City, KS KSMO 62
Killeen (Waco) KAKW 62 Station does not air all WB programming
Kingman KMOH 6
Knoxville WBXX 20
Las Vegas KVWB 21
Little Rock KKYK 22
Los Angeles KTLA 5
Louisville, KY WWWB 34
Madison, WI TVW 6 Cable Channel
Memphis TV6 6 Cable Channel
Miami WBZL 39
Milwaukee WVTV 18
Minneapolis/St.Paul KLGT 23
Mobile-Pensacola WFGX 35
Morgan City, LA KWBJ 39
Nashville WNAB 58
New Orleans WNOL 38
New York WPIX 11
Norfolk WTVZ 33
Oklahoma City KOCB 34
Omaha KXVO 15
Orlando WKCF 18
Paducah WDKA 49 Station does not air all WB programming
Philadelphia WPHL 17
Phoenix KASW 61
Pittsburgh WCWB 22
Portland ME WPME 35 Station does not air all WB programming
Portland OR KWBP 32
Providence WLWC 28
Raleigh, NC WLFL 22
Reno KREN 27
Rochester WBTW 26
Sacramento KQCA 58
Salt Lake City KUWB 30
San Antonio KRRT 35
San Diego KSWB 69
San Francisco KBWB 20
Seattle KTZZ 22
Shreveport KSHV 45 Station does not air all WB programming
South Bend WHME 46 Kids WB! only
St. Louis KPLR 11
Syracuse WNYS 43 Station does not air all WB programming
Tampa WWWB 32
Toledo TV 5 5 Cable Channel
Toledo W21BF 21
Tri-Cities WCYB 5 Station does not air all WB programming
Tucson KWBA 58
Tulsa KWBT 19
Washington, DC WBDC 50
Wilkes Barre WSWB 38

WeB Stations

Warner Bros. has set up a system of cable channels it calls WEB to bring programming from The WB to areas that do not have broadcast affiliates. Call toll free 1 (877) "DUBBA WB" for further information.

WeB stations are run in partnership with an existing "Big 3" affiliate and the local cable operator. Besides airing the programming of The WB Broadcastign Network, they also air a primetime move from the Warner Bros. library on Saturdays, and the syndicated action shows Mortal Combat: Conquest and Conan The Adventurer.

City Station
Abilene KWAW
Albany, GA WBSK
Alexandria KAXN
Amarillo KDBA
Beaumont-Port Arthur KWBB
Billings KWBM
Binghamton WBXI
Bluefield WBB
Boise KWOB
Bowling Green WBWG
Butte KWXB
Casper KWWY
Charleston, SC WBLN
Cheyenne KCHW
Chico KIWB
Clarksburg WVWB
Columbia, MO KJWB
Columbus, GA WBG
Corpus Christi KWDB
Dothan WBDO
Duluth KWBD
Elmira WBE
Eugene KZWB
Fargo WBFG
Florence WFWB
Fort Smith KWBF
Glendive KWZB
Grand Junction KWGJ
Great Falls KWGF
Greenville WGWB
Greenwood WBWD
Helena KWHA
Idaho Falls KWIB
Jackson, TN WBJK
Joplin, MO KSXF
La Crosse WBCZ
Lafayette, IN WBFY
Lafayette, LA KLWB
Lake Charles KWLB
Lansing WBL
Laredo KTXW
Laurel WBH
Lincoln KWBL
Lubbock KWBZ
Macon WBMN
Mankato KWYE
McAllen-Brownsville KHWB
Medford KMFD
Minot KWMK
Missoula KIDW
Monroe KWMB
Montgomery WBMY
North Platte KWPL
Ottumwa KWOT
Palm Springs KCWB
Panama City WBPC
Parkersburg WBPB
Peoria WBPE
Presque Isle WBPQ
Quincy WEWB
Rapid City KDUB
Rochester, MN KWBR
Rockford WBR
Salinas-Monterey KMWB
Salisbury WBD
Savannah WBVH
Sioux City KXWB
Sioux Falls KSXF
Springfield, MA WBQT
Tallahassee WBXT
Terre Haute WBI
Topeka WBKS
Traverse City WBVC
Twin Falls KWTE
Tyler KWTL
Utica WBU
Victoria KWVB
Watertown WBWT
Wheeling, WV WBWO
Wichita Falls KWB
Wilmington WBW
Yakima KWYP
Zanesville WBZV

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