Sea Buoy

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Sea buoys support navigation at sea. Here is the problem statement from [Booch86]:

There exists a collection of free-floating buoys that provide navigation and weather data to air and ship traffic at sea. The buoys collect air and water temperature, wind speed, and location data through a variety of sensors. Each buoy may have a different number of wind and temperature sensors and may be modified to support other types of sensors in the future. Each buoy is also equipped with a radio transmitter (to broadcast weather and location information as well as an SOS message) and a radio receiver (to receive requests from passing vessels. Some buoys are equipped with a red light, which may be activated by a passing vessel during sea-search operations. If a sailor is able to reach the buoy, he or she may flip a switch on the side of the buoy to initiate an SOS broadcast. Software for each buoy must:

Design Considerations

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