Conference Refereeing

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Professional conferences are held in order to announce and discuss new results. The core activity of organizing a conference centers on selecting the papers to be presented. Usually this is done by making an open invitation calling for papers to be submitted, circulating the submitted papers to a (geographically distributed) panel of reviewers, then selecting the best papers to appear on the program. A system to automate conference refereeing should do the following:

1. The program committee announces "call for papers."

2. Authors receive the call for papers and decide to will submit papers on their work.They write papers and send them to the program committee. A given paper may have several authors, but only one reply address.

3. The program committee registers the contributed papers upon receipt.

4. At a certain point in time the program committee distributes the papers among the panel of referees. Each paper is sent to three distinct referees, none of whom is an author of the paper.

5. The program committee continuously collects reports from the referees.

6. At a certain point in time the program committee selects papers for inclusion in the program andnotifies the authors about the selection. This may involve obtaining additional opinions from the referees.

7. The program committee advises the authors of the selection results.

Design Considerations

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