The First RoboCup
American Open

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
April 30 - May 4, 2003






  • Soccer Simulation:
    • Teams of eleven fully distributed software agents compete using the RoboCup Soccer Server.
  • Soccer Coach Simulation:
    • A coach agent advises teams of eleven soccer simulation agents.
  • Small-Size Robot Soccer:
    • Teams of five small robots compete with off-board perception and remote computer control allowed.
  • Four-Legged Robot (Sony AIBO) Soccer:
    • Teams of four Sony AIBO robots compete with full autonomy and wireless communication. (The programmable Sony AIBO robots are now available for purchase at
  • Rescue Robot and Simulation:
    • Teams of software or robot agents, autonomously or in cooperation with human users, attempt at rescuing victims in disaster scenarios of increasing complexity. Go to the RoboCup American Open Rescue Robot web site to find out the competition details!
  • RoboCup Junior: (RoboCup Junior web page)
    • Young students participate in 2 on 2 robot soccer, robot dancing, and robot rescue competitions. See the RoboCup Junior 2003 American Open web page for details!
    • U-League: RoboCup Junior will include a new league modeled after the small-size league. See the RoboCup Junior U-League site for further details.
  • AmericanOpen03 Workshop:
    • Research and development contributions on multi-robot systems are presented and discussed in panels.
  • Demonstrations:
    • ASIMO Humanoid Honda Robot, Sony AIBO robots, challenge tasks.

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