CMU 15-539: Computer Science Pedagogy, Fall 2017
Homework 9
Due Tue 31-Oct at 11:59pm (with earlier partial deadlines)

Note: students doing non-CS1-Content teamwork for hw9 will be contacted directly by their team leads for what to do and when and how to submit it. Be sure you know if that applies to you. Piazza includes a post listing the updated team assignments.

This assignment is collaborative. Team sizes are exactly 2. This assignment has multiple due dates, see the timeline below for details.

Assignment Overview

Choose a game idea, and then design and build the following in teams of 2:

Timeline & Submission Details

Wednesday 10/25 by 8:00PM
Thursday 10/26 by 11:59PM
Friday 10/27 by 11:59PM
Sunday 10/29 by 11:59PM
Tuesday 10/31 by 11:59PM
Thursday 11/2 by 11:59PM
After Thursday 11/2