CMU 15-539: Computer Science Pedagogy, Fall 2017
Homework 5
Due Mon 2-Oct at 11:59pm

As with hw1, this hw is optionally collaborative (except where indicated otherwise).

What to submit to autolab: a single zip file,, which contains a single folder, hw5, which itself contains all the files required for this hw.

  1. Logistics
    1. Teammates + Credits
      At the top of your hw submission file, list your hw teammates (if none, list that). Also, clearly list any other credits -- any sources you used in any way for this hw.
    2. Timesheet
      Keep a log of your time investment in 15-539. Record day/duration/activity, and then a weekly total. Submit this detailed timesheet in your hw writeup. In addition fill out this Time-Reporting form with the summary data of the week's time. Note that this will not directly impact your grade, but rather will just help us pace the course properly, so please report accurately.

  2. Animation Framework review
    Note: this portion was due on Fri 29-Sep, submitted via a form posted on piazza. As discussed in class and posted on piazza, students were to review the v1 version of the new object-based animation framework. Download it, run it, study it, test it, make thoughtful observations, suggest changes, find bugs, think of important missing parts (but take note of the not-yet-implemented list at the bottom), etc.

  3. Team-Based Exercises
    Each team that you are on will assign its own team-specific hw5 exercises. Submit those along with the rest of hw5, in your file.