CMU 15-539: Computer Science Pedagogy, Fall 2017
Homework 12 (The 539 Term Project)
Due Sat 9-Dec at 11:59pm

Hi all. Here we are: hw12, the last hw of the semester! It's the 539 term project, basically.

As with hw11, this is solo, though you are encouraged to talk to each other for ideation.

Also, as with hw11, this is to be done by everyone in the course.

As for what to do: whatever you want, so long as it is high-quality CS1 Content that we could use in the spring pilot. You could do a bunch of smaller items, or one or two high-quality larger ones.

This is due on Sat 9-Dec at 11:59pm, giving you just under 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to put together a great project.

This is about 2x the normal hw cycle, so we would expect about 2x the normal hw in terms of productivity.

Also, you've had all semester to learn just what high-quality CS1 Content looks like, so we expect this to be your best work -- wonderfully original, clever, compelling content, pitched at the right level for our target audience.

This should also have high production value.

You should include a writeup, too, but please use very, very few words. We are chiefly looking for your code ideas. We'll round out the writeups as needed.

Start ideating today. You are expected to bring well-formed ideas to class this week on Thursday, where you will meet with one or two of our designers to discuss your ideas. As you know, ideating is easily the hardest part, so do this well.

Originality matters a lot in your grade. We do not want duplicate projects, neither from work we've seen so far, nor from each other. Be original.

Also, be engaging. Time and again in class this semester we've talked about the "it" factor. Some apps have it, some don't. You can tell immediately by the class's response. You want to make apps that have a sizzling high "it" factor.

And avoid math and avoid complexity. Keep it simple. Even a week 14 project would not be very complex or mathy. Not in CS1.

Also: make your code super-high-quality. You know what that means.

What to submit? A zip file with a folder containing the file hw12.txt, a plaintext file that describes all the other files in the folder, which must include a writeup, starter code (if any), images and sound files (if any), and sample solutions to the problems you create, and anything else we might need.

Note that your submissions must run on the current framework at that time. We will release an update later this week, and another update early next week. Try to keep current with the updates. We will test your submission on that last update. We will not make an update too close to the deadline, unless it is to make an urgent bug fix.

This is your chance to shine, to make some lovely content that puts us over the top in the spring. Have fun with it! Be original, and clever, and do wonderful things!

Carpe diem.