15-239 Software Development for Social Good

Course Description

CMU has extensive global service learning opportunities promoting the advancement of social causes through technology. In this real-world project-based course, we will work closely with some of these projects to produce free and open-source software products of real and immediate value.

We expect many but not all projects to include mobile web apps, though target platforms will be selected to best suit the projects we are servicing. Topics include elements of project management, design, and software development practices, tools, and techniques as required. Students will work in teams across all phases of product development, including requirements gathering, user experience design, software design, implementation, test, deployment, support, and maintenance. We aim to provide opportunities for students to interact with end-users who will directly benefit from these projects.

Additional topics may include support for large-scale open-source software projects which are compatible with the goals of this course. In keeping with the goals of the course, all content created by students and faculty in this course will be released under free and open-source licenses. [Note: This course may serve as a CS Elective towards the CS major or CS minor.]

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor and either (B or higher in 15-237) OR (B or higher in 15-112 and extensive web programming experience).



BWT Emulator

BWT for Smartphone

Stand Alone Braille Tutor

TechCaFE Games