16-311 Introduction to Robotics
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  16-311 Lab 10: Student-Defined Lab

Lab 10: Student-Defined Lab

Challenge Statement

Use knowledge gained from the entire course in an engaging challenge developed by other students in the course.

Lab Goals

  1. Build a strong and powerful robot.
  2. Develop a competitive autonomous program.
  3. Learn from other teams.


Robo-sumo has been a fun and entertaining sport for years with international competitions in a variety of weight classes. For this lab, each team will make a robotic sumo wrestler completely out of LEGOs that must fit within certain dimmension requirement. The robot must be completely autonomous. Teams will be graded on their ability to push a sample robot out of a circle. This robot will have multiple programs including a static and evasive program.

Teams will face off against each other in the competition portion of the lab. The victor of the double elimination bracket will be crowned the winner.

sumo picture

Lab Requirements

The 2018 Specifications for Lab 10 are presented in the following document. This will be the most up-to-date resource for lab requirements.

2018 Lab 10 Presentation

2018 Lab 10 Grading Sheet

2018 Lab 10 Demonstration Sign Up Sheet


Video about Competitive Robot Sumo

Battlebots Highlights

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