16-311 Introduction to Robotics

Student Defined Lab

Gold Mine

(All numbers presented above are subject to change by experimentation on part of the designers.)

TAs in charge:


Retrieve the red-colored balls from the ball-zone and return the balls to the end-zone.

Field Description:


For the competition:

Robots must start completely inside the End zone, and will be allowed to run for three minutes. The balls that are situated in the end-zone at the three-minute mark count toward the team total (i.e. kicking the ball in does not necessarily count if the ball rolls out).

Red balls are worth +1 point. Blue balls are worth -1 point.

For individual grading:

You will get two tries, and you can choose which score you want.

Note that it MUST be clear if a red ball or blue ball is first if you bring back two at once. If not, you will only